Turbine Technics is the trade name under which I, P.R.Kesting, offer my services to the industrial world as a relative small, flexible and independent company. Services in repair and overhaul of almost all rotating equipment on customers location in the Netherlands and abroad.
By that Turbine Technics is a real field service related company.

Trained as a ships engineer, with many years of steam turbine and diesel engine experience on sea going vessels and inland barges I have been working as a contractor in the field service for more than twenty years.
I do this on behalf of large companies, specialized in the development, construction and maintenance of turbines, compressors and expanders.
Field of operation is the petrochemical industry, gas treatment and power supply.

Familiar with the company procedures and the applying quality standards and safety rules, I carry out almost all occasional activities. Relative minor repairs and inspections as well as big projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

In addition, I relay on a good netwerk of experienced and reliable self-employed persons, also well known in the petrochemical industry and useful in all areas.

Turbine Technics functions easily accessible, quickly and efficiently and has good contacts in the industrial world.
Mobile with own service van.